Fascial Distortion Model Treatment

6 Principal Types of Fascial Distortions

The Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) is a way to perceive soft tissue injuries through six pathological alterations of the body’s connective tissues. These fascia have their own body language and when disturbed (or distorted) there is a method for treatment.

  • Triggerbands

  • Continuum Distortions

  • Cylinder Distortions

  • Herniated Triggerpoints

  • Folding Distortions

  • Tectonic Fixations

Treatment is to physically reverse 1 or more distortions. Each has it's own distinct form of correction, coupled with patient body language. When the distortion is corrected, the injury no longer exists.

Why use fascia? In the world of anatomy, fascia is traditionally viewed as a simple membrane between skin and muscle. However, research has shown even the Effect of a Single Session of Fascial Distortion Model Manual Physiotherapy can be beneficial as neck pain treatment.

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