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"For the last three years I’ve suffered from tension headaches. My PCP decided to put me on another medication since he was convinced it was my high blood pressure. I was also referred to a neurologist, he had me get CT‘s done to really take a look. CT‘s came back clear so he wanted me to take antidepressants to help with symptoms. I refuse to take any more medication. I just knew there was something else wrong. I was told by a coworker to see chiropractic therapy because it could be nerves in my neck. How could nerves in the neck cause tension headaches from sun up to sundown? I met with Dr. Sehorn at Campion Chiropractic and it’s been rewarding. I’ve been tension headache free for weeks now. I highly recommend researching all options."

Homero Cardenas

“If you have jaw pain, please please come see them!! I had severe pain in the jaw and the rest of my body- I am so much better, Dr Sehorn is amazing and so is the staff. This is awesome!!”


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“My experience with Campion Chiropractic Clinic has been amazing! I developed lower back pain while working long hours daily for 5 months on my computer. To make the situation worse, the pain began running down the butt all the way to my left foot… After a long search online, I came to know about Campion Chiropractic Clinic. The really good Google reviews about this clinic from previous clients convinced me to visit there once. I met with Dr. Nathan Sehorn. He was very attentive towards my problems and even clarified about my insurance in detail. I found the cost really affordable even without insurance. I had 8 appointments with Dr. Nathan Sehorn in the last three week and I am already feeling a great improvement in my pain. I would highly recommend Campion Chiropractic Clinic to anyone seeking affordable chiropractic treatment. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them. All the staff members are very friendly and helpful. Above all, my insurance also covered all the cost of my treatment. Yay!”

S. Pantha

“I wish I had gone sooner! My shoulder, my range of motion, and my strength have improved drastically in just one visit with Dr. Sehorn. I was afraid of being treated due to all the horror stories I’ve heard. He eased my fears and I proceeded with recommendations. I was so excited and hopeful with the movement and pain relief I had after one visit. My injury happened in January and I went through physical therapy for 8 weeks with increased pain and little to no improvement. By the time I saw Dr. Sehorn in May, I had gained 20 pounds from not being able to exercise like I did, stress from all the constant pain, living on muscle relaxers & pain pills, and not sleeping more than 2-3 hours/night due to pain. I felt hopeless. After 3 weeks of treatment and therapies w/ Dr. Sehorn, I’m back to 90% function and strength in my shoulder. I could never thank the staff & Dr. Sehorn enough for all they have done for me. I’m truly grateful!”

C. Johnson

“I had experienced rib pain for seven years that steadily got worse, then hip and back pain began and got worse over four years. Other doctors did not know what was wrong. I went to Campion on the off chance they could help. They got my information and took x-rays. I saw them next time and they knew what was wrong. My spine had sharp angles that caused my pain. None of the other doctors saw that in previous x-rays. I went to Campion twice a week and saw Dr. Sehorn and had Graston therapy. Within the first month I saw results. I can now walk for longer than I have in years and no longer have rib pain. I am almost entirely pain free and I am now getting my life back. The staff is so kind and helpful! They know what they’re doing. I would not hesitate to go back or to recommend Campion to anyone in pain.”


“I have been going to Campion Chiropractic for years. The care they provide is excellent! My overall health has benefited greatly from Chiropractic care. Every time I leave the chiropractor I feel renewed. Dr. Sehorn is knowledgeable about good health practice and ways to promote muscular health. Highly recommend!”

Y. Luna

“I have been going to Campion Chiropractic for about 15 years now. In that time, I have had several joint problems and back issues. Each time I was treated, they were able to get me out of pain and mobile again. I have had both elbows, both knees, and my shoulder treated and relieved without drugs. My back is more of a chronic problem but decompression treatments have helped me a lot. The staff is always respectful and caring and efficient.”

James Jones

“I have been going to Campion Chiropractic for 20 years! I DO NOT like taking drugs for pain and she has helped me through the aging process so very well. We are dancers and thanks to her we can continue doing all the things we love. We go out after working hard all week then crawl back in there on Mondays and they fix us right back up for the next time. We do some pretty hard dancing for 3-4 hours! I feel we move much better than people half our age! The staff is so helpful, friendly, and concerned. The doctors take their time, answer all questions, make sure we are ok before we leave, and are very knowledgeable about our bodies. We love this place and will go for another 20 years. Thank ya’ll so much for caring!”

Jan Jones

“I have peripheral neuropathy, after going to other med facilities, I came to Dr. Campion to improve my balance. She has been very, very effective. A series of Balance Exercises, Electrical Stim, was used by Dr. Campion and the results are great. The effects of my Neuropathy are diminished and balance continues to improve. Highly recommend Dr. Campion to people suffering from effects of Neuropathy.”


“I started coming to Campion Chiropractic my freshman year at Texas A&M after I fell down a flight of stairs. My back was in so much pain that I could hardly sit and study for twenty minutes without having to take a break. At my first appointment with Campion Chiropractic, the staff and Dr. Sehorn were so caring and determined to fix my alignment. Dr. Sehorn has now been my chiropractor almost eight years now and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. I tried several other chiropractors over the years but there is no comparison. Now that I am in nursing school, I’m constantly on my feet all day or studying for ten plus hours at a time so my back takes a toll. Campion Chiropractic has alleviated my back pain, leg pain, and ankle pain, and is always willing to work with my crazy schedule. I am truly grateful for the sweet staff and Dr. Sehorn because now I know what it feels like to be pain free. If you are like me and are constantly on the go and with a budget, I highly recommend Campion Chiropractic. They truly care about your health and will work within your budget.”

Shirley Garcia

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