Shoulder Pain FAQs

Shoulder Pain FAQ: Campion Chiropractic

A lot of people see a chiropractor for shoulder pain. It’s common for people to not realize how much they use their shoulders until the pain develops. Those who experience shoulder pain have trouble lifting objects, reading, writing, playing sports, or even raising their arms over their heads. Many people who have sought out treatment may have been told to simply rest the afflicted shoulder. This leads to a number of questions that we at Campion Chiropractic, located in College Station, are here to answer

Why do I Have Pain in My Shoulder?
Without a doubt, this is one of the most common questions that people ask since there are a number of reasons why shoulder pain occurs. In some situations, the pain could be a result of spraining the AC joint. In other cases, some people may have simply overused their shoulders. Others might have problems with their rotator cuffs. It is important for people to have a comprehensive physical exam to find out where their shoulder pain stems from.

Will My Shoulder Pain Get Better?
Everyone wants to know how long it is going to take for their shoulder to feel better. The answer to this question depends on the cause of the shoulder pain. Those who have an acute injury may be able to recover in a few weeks. Others who have had long-standing shoulder problems might have to face a longer recovery process. Furthermore, those who are younger and have a better state of overall health are also more likely to recover more quickly.

How Can a Chiropractor Help my Shoulder Pain?
One of the healthcare professionals who can help someone recover from shoulder pain is a chiropractor. This health professional has extensive training regarding the body's joints and spine. This means that a chiropractor has numerous treatment options at his or her disposal to help someone recover from a shoulder injury. Using various corrective exercises and manipulation techniques, individuals can recover from their injury more quickly.

Trust a Trained Chiropractor in College Station for Shoulder Pain Help

Shoulder pain can be debilitating, making it hard for someone to engage in activities they enjoy. With the help of a trained chiropractor, one can take care of shoulder problems and return to normal, everyday activities. To learn more about how a chiropractic treatment plan can help you and your family, call us today. At Campion Chiropractic, we are here to help the College Station area with all of their health needs.

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