Personal Injury

Personal Injury Treatment

A personal injury can be life-altering wherein a small injury can become long-term pain and suffering; therefore, you need to visit Campion Chiropractic in College Station.


Our chiropractor understands the pain and suffering endured after a personal injury whether during a fall, an auto accident, or on the job. We strive to get you functional as quickly as possible. several ways. 

If your injury resulted from someone else's negligence, you may suffer a whiplash, muscle, joint, or back pain.  Coming in for chiropractic care will help to reduce inflammation, ease pain, repair tissues, and alleviate your overall issues.

Why You Should See A Chiropractor

Following an accident at all, you should seek chiropractic help whether there is pain present or not within a week of the accident.  Pain happens immediately after some accidents but could take days, months, or even years to surface sometimes. 

Our chiropractor can prevent underlying issues from escalating plus delayed treatment could affect compensation from an insurance company for your treatment. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Care After A Personal Injury

The first thing is that chiropractic care helps you avoid surgery and the use of drugs to ease your pain. It is also more affordable and less intrusive than the alternatives.

Chiropractors catch hidden injuries early and prevent them from escalating plus your recovery time is faster when you get chiropractic care after a personal injury.  

Your ligaments and muscles can get torn during an accident and an x-ray would not pick that up, therefore our chiropractor who is trained to notice these issues would manipulate your spine and other areas to decrease inflammation and pain.

Another great benefit is not having to take any form of drugs to alleviate your pain. Painkillers mask injuries but a chiropractor will see them and deal with the affected areas accordingly. 

Finally, is the restoration of your motion range. Flexibility is an integral part of being able to move around without issue. Your joints must shift easily to conduct day-to-day actions such as brushing your teeth or getting up or sitting. Our chiropractor aligns your spine for an unrestricted range of motion. There are several ways that your vertebrae can come to be misaligned.

Visiting our practice may seem like an unwarranted use of your time after an accident until you realize that these visits can stave off small traumas from escalating into expensive injuries. When someone's negligence causes you physical harm, you may be unsure of what to do, just:

Call Campion Chiropractic in College Station

Visiting our chiropractor at Campion Chiropractic in College Station & serving Bryan in Texas after an accident may be crucial to your recovery. 

Contact us at 979-693-6500 to help ease your pain.



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