Neck Pain FAQs

Neck pain is a debilitating condition that requires proper treatment so neck pain relief is obtained. Contacting Campion Chiropractic in College Station may be a solution if you are experiencing pain in your neck. Here are some frequently asked questions about this problem including information on how a trip to see our chiropractor for Neck Pain treatment can help

What Causes Neck Pain to Happen?

Neck pain can happen at any time, to any person depending on factors that occur in their life. Automobile accidents where an injury is sustained could contribute to neck pain. You may not notice pain in your neck until days or weeks after the incident occurs, so it is important to be aware of this so you can seek treatment as needed. Sleep with your neck bent at an angle, looking down at a cell phone often, or using improper ergonomics while at work could lead to neck pain. You may have pain in your neck as a symptom of a common cold as well.

How Can Neck Pain Be Remedied?

Finding a suitable Neck Pain treatment is a concern if you experience discomfort regularly. Placing a warm compress on the area where any pain is present could help to sooth the muscles so that discomfort subsides. It is best to avoid moving your neck around too much if it has become injured. Resting can help heal the area.

Avoid sleeping on too many pillows so your neck remains aligned with your spine. Reduce the amount of time you spend looking at your cell phone as this could stretch the back of your neck, leading to additional discomfort. Use proper furnishings and tools at work and avoid repetitive movements of your neck if possible. Seeing our chiropractor could be a favorable way to reduce neck pain without the need for medication.

What Neck Pain Treatment Will Our Chiropractor Provide?

The doctors at Campion Chiropractic will devise a Neck Pain treatment plan with you to eliminate pain effectively. You will be asked to complete a few tests to determine how much pain you are feeling and what movements make it worse. Your range of motion will be checked as well. Our practitioner will use this information to pinpoint areas to manipulate along your spine. These adjustments will provide you with quick relief. Subsequent adjustments may be needed to eliminate neck pain completely depending on your individual case. Many patients find these sessions to be relaxing. In addition to spinal adjustments, our practitioner may recommend exercises, soothing therapies or the use of ice or heat to sooth the muscles in the neck and upper back.

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