Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment from Campion Chiropractic in College Station, TX

The electronic devices responsible for increasing worker productivity are sometimes a mixed blessing. The staff at our Campion Chiropractic practice in College Station sees a growing number of patients with wrist pain and other symptoms linked to carpal tunnel syndrome. Our chiropractor notes that this disorder occurs after using equipment without adopting proper work ergonomics.

Overview of Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome develops when the median nerve is squeezed at the wrist. This nerve runs from the forearm into the palm and sits inside the carpal tunnel, a narrow, rigid passage at the base of each hand.

The median nerve’s job is to provide feeling to the palm side of the thumb as well as to all or parts of the fingers except for the little finger. With nerve compression, hand or wrist pain might occur.

Repetitive movements, such as typing & texting, can cause carpal tunnel narrowing, median nerve inflammation, and wrist injury. The most common symptoms we see in addition to pain are numbness, weakness, burning, itching, and tingling in the hand and/or fingers.

Carpal tunnel signs typically develop slowly. Since many individuals sleep with their wrists bent, symptoms often first occur at night, and then appear in daytime as well.

Risk factors for developing this condition include:

  • Being female

  • Pregnancy

  • Trauma

  • Carrying excess weight

  • Having certain health conditions

  • Working with vibrating tools

  • Inflammatory Arthritic conditions in the hand/wrist

  • Jobs that require repetitive movements in the hand/wrist

How Chiropractors Treat Carpal Tunnel

Chiropractic treats carpal tunnel syndrome with natural therapies that avoid the use of surgery or medication. The path to relief begins with an FREE initial consultation at Campion Chiropractic Clinic in College Station.

During this appointment, our doctor evaluates each patient’s symptoms, complaints, and health history. In some cases, imaging studies such as X-rays are helpful in determining the cause of wrist pain or other discomfort.

If the diagnosis is carpal tunnel, our chiropractor will find the cause and create a customized treatment plan to achieve relief. Most plans include one or a combination of these options:

  • Adjustments to correct wrist, arm, or spinal misalignment

  • Patient education on self-help steps

  • Alterations in lifestyle and work ergonomics

  • Cold Laser therapy

  • Splints

  • Myofascial Release therapy

  • Graston Therapy

Schedule a Free Consultation at Campion Chiropractic

Are you experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome? and Dr. Sehorn can help you get relief from discomfort and pain using the latest alternative medical therapies. We identify the cause of the problem and match it to the most appropriate therapy. Be sure to call our clinic in College Station, Texas today at (979) 464-4400 to schedule an appointment and experience a better life through chiropractic.

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