Who Can Benefit From Spinal Decompression?

People who opt for chiropractic care prefer noninvasive ways of pain management. The standard treatment in chiropractic care is often spinal manipulation. It realigns the vertebrae in the spine in an effective and safe manual process. However, chiropractic care also involves spinal decompression, a successful and gentle treatment technique. 


Spinal decompression entails lying on a particular table meant for the treatment. The table is operated through a computer that gently and slowly elongates and stretches your spine. It moves your spinal discs and vertebrae into proper alignment. This removes pressure in some areas of your spine, helping you experience relief.


Most people who can benefit from spinal decompression deal with discomfort, pain, or an injury. The treatment is a drug-free approach that promotes self-healing.


People With Back Pain


Most people who see chiropractors do it to get relief from back pain. Back pain can result from many causes, such as wear and tear on the body or an injury. Spinal decompression can help give you long-lasting relief. It realigns the spine to its healthy alignment for oxygen and blood flow to happen effectively for quick healing.


People With Neck Pain


Neck pain is among the main reasons patients seek chiropractic care. Different reasons can cause chiropractic neck pain. A poor sleeping posture or hunching over your computer for a long time is among them. You can also experience neck pain when the discs making up your cervical spine have a lot of pressure.


Spinal decompression gently relieves pressure on the vertebrae in the neck. It also stretches your spine safely to give you long-lasting relief from neck pain.


Individuals Suffering From Herniated Disks


Spinal discs separate vertebrae in your spine to provide stability and shock absorption. Your spinal disc can affect the healthy functioning of the spine when it is not in its proper position. A herniated disc disruption can cause bone-on-bone pain and disrupts the healthy flow of oxygen and blood through your spine. Spinal decompression stretches the spine for your herniated disc to slide back into its ideal position.


People With Chronic Headaches


Most people who experience chronic and frequent headaches try every solution they get to relieve themselves of the agony. Addressing the root cause has proved to be a long-lasting solution to experiencing pain relief that can last long.


Your chiropractor knows the different types of headaches that can affect patients. They can help identify the source of the pain you are experiencing. Once they do, they will use spinal decompression to relieve pressure from your spine in the area causing chronic headaches.


Individuals With Sciatica


People develop sciatica when their sciatic nerve gets aggravated and causes this type of lower back pain. You will experience a stabbing or shooting pain running from the base of the spine into your buttocks to your hips and legs. You experience such symptoms when your sciatic nerve gets compressed.


Spinal decompression relieves and removes pressure on the sciatic nerve to relieve these symptoms. Nutrients, blood, and oxygen flow freely when your spine gets aligned. 


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