The Importance of Soft Tissue Manipulation in Chiropractic Care

Most people think about visiting a chiropractor when they experience back pain. Chiropractic care treats many health conditions by realigning the spine and relieving pressure on nerves. While regular chiropractic adjustments are beneficial, Chiropractors often use other methods to relieve pain and improve health. Soft tissue massage can help to reduce pain, relieve stress, and improve body function.


Importance of Soft Tissue Manipulation

Chiropractors use soft tissue manipulation to release muscle tension. This therapy involves the manipulation of soft tissues including muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tendons. By using various techniques, soft tissue helps manipulation helps people experiencing tension headaches and tight muscles, helping patients with chronic stress, injuries. Soft tissue manipulation can improve flexibility and range of motion alongside other treatment modalities, such as spinal adjustments.


Soft Tissue Manipulation Techniques

Chiropractors use various techniques during soft tissue manipulation. Common techniques include:

·      Massage or manual soft tissue therapy uses strokes and pressure to loosen tight muscles and enhance relaxation.

·      Trigger point therapy involves the application of pressure to specific areas to relieve muscle pain and tension.

·      Myofascial release therapy uses gentle, sustained pressure to relieve connective tissue restrictions. It can reduce pain, improve flexibility, and increase range of motion.

·      Graston technique uses handheld instruments to massage the treatment area and breaks down adhesions and scar tissue.

Chiropractors will choose the best treatment plan based on the patients’ needs and presenting symptoms.


Conditions Treated with Soft Tissue Manipulation

Chiropractors use soft tissue manipulation to treat various musculoskeletal conditions including muscle tension, joint pain, and restricted range of motion. Soft tissue manipulation can also treat TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.

It is effective for the treatment of conditions like:

·      Bursitis

·      Tendinitis

·      Arthritis

·      Plantar fasciitis

·      Muscle spasms

Regular care can help relieve chronic and acute pain and help with depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure.


Benefits of Soft Tissue Manipulation

The manipulation of soft tissues helps individuals feel better during and after treatment. The techniques activate the body’s healing response, providing physical and mental benefits. It helps to boost circulation in the problematic area, reducing inflammation.


Finding the Underlying Cause

If you experience pain or stiffness, the doctor will conduct a physical exam. This exam helps to determine the underlying cause of pain as well as the best course of treatment to restore function, allowing you to enjoy a pain-free life.


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