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5 Common Chiropractic Techniques

Woman suffering from low back pain

Chiropractic Treatment For Back Pain and Neck Pain With Our College Station Chiropractor Staff

By far, back pain and neck pain are two of the most common reasons why people come to see our College Station chiropractor team at Campion Chiropractic.

5 Common Types of Chiropractic Treatment That Can Naturally Relieve Your Neck Pain or Back Pain

In addition to corrective exercises, nutritional counseling, and a variety of other drug-free treatment, our College Station clinic offers the current best practices in chiropractic techniques which have been proven to alleviate neck pain and back pain caused by a range of conditions.

When you come to see us for treatment, ask our friendly chiropractors, Dr. Campion and Dr. Sehorn, about what we recommend for you. Such techniques may include:

  • Gonstead Technique: this specific and precise manual adjustment targets an area of vertebral joint subluxation (misalignment), gently realigns the joint, relieving pressure on nearby nerves and re-invigorating the central nervous system for whole body health
  • Soft Tissue Therapy: trigger point therapy, massage, and Active Release Technique (ART) can help break up scar tissue and adhesions, relieve tissue tension and improve blood flow—primary modes of soft tissue therapy is gentle and targeted pressure from the chiropractor's hands
  • Graston Technique: simple hand-held tools are used to break up and release scar tissue and fascial adhesions and can improve dysfunction both "upstream" and "downstream" from the area of restriction
  • Flexion Distraction: also known as the Cox technique, flexion distraction uses gentle pulling or oscillating forces to reduce disc pressure, improve alignment, and reduce pain
  • Thompson Technique: this manual chiropractic adjustment is performed on a specialized "drop" table which may be combined with other techniques to help "reset" the spine and central nervous system

Ready to Heal From Your Back or Neck Pain Without Relying on Drugs? Visit Campion Chiropractic

You have nothing to lose except your pain by scheduling an initial consultation at Campion Chiropractic! Call (979) 693-6500 to book an appointment and discover how chiropractic treatment can improve your health!



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