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Common Questions About Back Pain

man suffering from lower back pain

Common Questions about Back Pain Relief

At Campion Chiropractic we know how debilitating back pain can be. It can be so severe that daily activities are impossible due to the agony. There are many reasons back pain can come about albeit from a fall from a ladder, sports injury, work lifting injury, car accident, diseases, or just getting old. No matter the cause, the main goal of our chiropractic staff at Campion chiropractic in College Station, TX, is finding pain relief and getting to the cause of your condition. Here are some common questions about back pain relief.

Is Walking Good for Low Back Pain?

As much as you might not feel like walking, walking is highly recommended. Keeping active can help speed up the healing process, prevent getting stiffness, build stamina, and alleviate pressure.

Is there an Exercise I can do to Help Alleviate Back Pain?

There is no special exercise. General exercise can be very helpful in relieving back pain, so long as heavy lifting is avoided. Core exercises are perfect for lower back pain as they strengthen supporting muscles for your back. All exercises that focus specifically on lower back movements should be avoided, as these can exacerbate your pain.  Get advice from our chiropractic team.

Does Chiropractic Care for Back Pain Help?

The answer is yes. A chiropractor will thoroughly examine you, may even order X-rays or other tests to find the root of your pain. Once they know what they are dealing with they use what is called spinal manipulation to help stop what is giving you pain which is usually perhaps build up the pressure in the spine , nerves or out of an aligned disc.  Some patients with disc bulges or herniation’s are good candidates for spinal decompression therapy. Relief is usually felt instantly after treatment.

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