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Risk factors For Sciatica

Risk Factors for Sciatica

Sciatica is a nerve pain that originates at the lower (lumbar) spine. Usually limited to one side, the pain is often a sharp, burning sensation that travels from your buttock down the back of the leg into the calf. The pain is caused by the sciatic nerve being agitated (usually pinched), most often from a herniated disk or bone spur. Sometimes an accident can lead to sciatica; sometimes other factors create a risk that can lead to it.

Sciatic Issue Risk Factors


Age has a direct impact on the bones of the spine and the muscles that support it. As the risks of back injury, particularly hernia, increase due to age, so does the risk for sciatica.


Extra weight that the spine must support adds to the stress at the base of the spine. This increases the likelihood of injuries that can lead to sciatica.


This can come at you a couple of different ways:

Physically-demanding jobs have a higher risk of a back injury due to the nature of the work, which means that a job with a lot of manual labor can increase your chances of developing sciatica.

Sedentary jobs can lead to a weaker core muscle group, which is what supports the spine (especially at the base). People who get no physical activity are likelier to injure their backs than people who are active.

Long-haul transportation jobs can take all of the risk factors of a sedentary job, add the factors of a laboring job if the driver is expected to participate in loading/unloading, and throw in a hazard factor of the potential for an auto accident that may result in a spinal injury.

Can Chiropractic Care Help Treat Sciatica

Yes! Treatment of the injury by a chiropractor may lead to alleviating the symptoms brought on by the aggravated nerve. In the event of a herniated disk, an adjustment could relieve the pressure of the disk that is causing the sciatic nerve to trigger.

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